Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Shareholders' Equity (Details Narrative)

Shareholders' Equity (Details Narrative) - USD ($)
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2019
Jan. 31, 2019
Dec. 31, 2018
Preferred shares, authorized 1,000,000   1,000,000
Preferred shares, par value $ 0.0001   $ 0.0001
Preferred shares, issued  
Preferred shares, outstanding  
Ordinary shares, authorized 100,000,000   100,000,000
Ordinary shares, par value $ 0.0001   $ 0.0001
Ordinary shares, issued 3,550,450   2,875,000
Ordinary shares, outstanding 3,550,450   2,875,000
Ordinary shares subject to redemption 10,344,550   0
Number of ordinary shares sold 10,800,000    
Warrant Agreement [Member]      
Ordinary shares description Where "insider shares" refers to the 2,875,000 ordinary shares held by the Company's Initial Shareholders prior to the Company's initial public offering), (y) the aggregate gross proceeds from such issuances represent more than 60% of the total equity proceeds, and interest thereon, available for the funding of the Company's initial business combination on the date of the consummation of its initial business combination (net of redemptions) and (z) the volume weighted average trading price of the Company's ordinary shares during the 20 trading day period starting on the trading day prior to the day on which the Company consummates its initial business combination (such price, the "Market Value") is below $8.50 per share, the exercise price of the warrants will be adjusted (to the nearest cent) to be equal to 115% of the greater of (i) the Market Value or (ii) the price at which the Company issues the additional ordinary shares or equity-linked securities.    
Public Warrants [Member]      
Exercise price of warrants $ .01    
Maximum [Member] | Public Warrants [Member] | Warrant Agreement [Member]      
Shares issued price per share 8.50    
Minimum [Member] | Public Warrants [Member]      
Sale of stock price per share 18.00    
Over-Allotment Option [Member]      
Shares issued price per share $ 10.00 $ 10.00  
Initial Shareholders [Member]      
Number of ordinary shares sold 2,875,000    
Purchase price of shares sold $ 25,000    
Percentage of issued and outstanding shares 20.00%    
Initial Shareholders [Member] | Insider Shares [Member]      
Ordinary shares description The Initial Shareholders have agreed not to transfer, assign or sell any of the insider shares (except to certain permitted transferees) until (1) with respect to 50% of the insider shares, the earlier of one year after the date of the consummation of an initial Business Combination and the date on which the closing price of the Company's ordinary shares equals or exceeds $12.50 per share (as adjusted for share splits, share dividends, reorganizations and recapitalizations) for any 20 trading days within any 30-trading day period commencing after an initial Business Combination and (2) with respect to the remaining 50% of the insider shares, one year after the date of the consummation of an initial Business Combination, or earlier, in either case, if, subsequent to an initial Business Combination, the Company consummates a liquidation, merger, stock exchange or other similar transaction which results in all of the Company's shareholders having the right to exchange their ordinary shares for cash, securities or other property.    
Proceeds from equity percentage 60.00%    
Initial Shareholders [Member] | Over-Allotment Option [Member] | Maximum [Member]      
Number of ordinary shares sold 375,000    
Underwriters [Member] | Over-Allotment Option [Member]      
Ordinary shares, issued 2,700,000    
Ordinary shares, outstanding 2,700,000    
Number of option shares purchased 800,000    
Number of shares subject to forfeiture 200,000    
Number of option shares forfeited 175,000    
Holder [Member]      
Equity voting rights description Each holder of a right will receive one-tenth (1/10) of one ordinary share upon consummation of a Business Combination, even if a holder of such right converted all ordinary shares held by it in connection with a Business Combination. No fractional shares will be issued upon exchange of the rights. No additional consideration will be required to be paid by a holder of rights in order to receive its additional shares upon consummation of a Business Combination as the consideration related thereto has been included in the Unit purchase price paid for by investors in the Initial Public Offering. If the Company enters into a definitive agreement for a Business Combination in which the Company will not be the surviving entity, the definitive agreement will provide for the holders of rights to receive the same per share consideration the holders of the ordinary shares will receive in the transaction on an as-converted into ordinary shares basis and each holder of rights will be required to affirmatively covert its rights in order to receive 1/10 of an ordinary share underlying each right (without paying additional consideration).